2019 Bulletins

001 – Request for Invitation Timeline

Posted Online: August 25, 2018

Last Updated: August 25, 2018

(Subject to Change)


October, 2018 Rule Book posted on PPIHC website

November 15, 2018 2019 PPIHC Request for Invitation Period Opens

January 4, 2019 2019 PPIHC Request for Invitation Period Closes

January 16, 2019 Competitor Invitations issued for 2019 PPIHC

January 18, 2019 2019 Competitor List posted on PPIHC website

January 31, 2019 Deadline for competitors to withdraw from the 2019 race, with refund

April 15, 2019 Deadline for waitlisted competitors to be added to the field

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002 – 2019 Race Date Set

Posted Online: August 15, 2018

Last Updated: August 15, 2018

(Subject to Change)

The date for the 2019 race has been set:

2019------ June 30 (Fan Fest, June 28)

All future races will be tentatively scheduled for the last Sunday in June:

2020------ June 28 (Fan Fest, June 26)

2021------ June 27 (Fan Fest, June 25)

2022------ June 26 (Fan Fest, June 24) (100th Running)

2023------ June 25 (Fan Fest, June 23)

2024------ June 30 (Fan Fest, June 28)

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003 - 2019 PPIHC Division Run Order

Posted Online: October 3, 2018

Last Updated: October 3, 2018

(Subject to Change)


Motorcycle Program

The motorcycle program will run slowest to fastest based upon qualifying times (regardless of division). The motorcycles will not run in any specific division order.


Car Program

The car program will run fastest to slowest based upon qualifying times (regardless of division). The cars will not run in any specific division order.


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004 – 2019 PPIHC Competitor Patch Information

Posted Online: January 16, 2019

Last Updated: January 16, 2019

(Subject to Change)


The official event patch (mailed to each competitor in the 2019 Acceptance Packet) must be displayed on the upper left breast portion of the competitor's suit, outer racing garment and/or protective gear. No other patches will be displayed on that portion of the competitor's suit except as approved by the Director of Competition.


The patch may be taped or sewn in a reliable manner and must be displayed at all times racing gear is worn on the mountain. No other patches will be given during the registration process. It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure this official event patch is appropriately displayed prior to Race Week.


This is mandatory per the 2019 Rule Book (Section 100 – Car Safety and Construction, Rule 113 and/or Section 1000 – Motorcycle Safety and Construction, Rule 1002.1).


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005 – 2019 Accepted Competitor Forms Checklist

Posted Online: January 16, 2019

Last Updated: January 16, 2019

(Subject to Change)


Competitor Forms Due Prior to Race Week

All Accepted Competitors must submit the following prior to Race Week by the deadlines listed below:

  • PPIHC Sponsor & Social Media (due March 22, 2019) (If not previously submitted with Request for Invitation)

Members from the PPIHC staff will reach out directly to competitors to gather information for the 2019 program, to include social media handles and sponsors. The exact information you submit, including sponsor information, is transferred directly to the 2019 Race Program. Please double-check grammar and spelling.

  • Head Shot/Personal Photograph (due March 22, 2019) (If not previously submitted with Request for Invitation)

All competitors must submit/e-mail a headshot with the entrant’s face clearly visible. No selfies are allowed. Photographs including helmets, sunglasses and/or props are not allowed. The ideal size of the photo is 5” x 7” with a resolution of at least 360 X 504 pixels. Lower resolution images will appear blurry in the race program. Acceptable photo examples can be found HERE. Please submit photos via e-mail to Alex Feeback: Alex@ppihc.org.

  • Physical Examination Form (due June 1, 2019)

The Physical Examination Form must be completed and signed by your physician. If you have a current racing license (which requires a physical examination be obtained) from another sanctioning body (i.e. SCCA or FIA) you will not need to complete the Physical Examination Form. However, you must present your current sanctioning body license at Registration to satisfy this requirement. Submit your Physical Examination Form to Alex@ppihc.org. It is recommended that you bring an additional copy of the Physical Examination Form with you to Registration during Race Week. Click here to download the Physical Examination Form.


Race Week Forms

The following documents/forms will be submitted/completed during Race Week at Competitor Registration at Hotel Eleganté in Colorado Springs.

  • Proof of Valid Medical Insurance

All drivers/riders must have medical insurance in force at the time of any PPIHC sanctioned event to participate. Proof of medical insurance must be provided at Registration.

  • Driver's License

All drivers/riders must have a current driver's license. License copies will be made at Registration.

  • Terms of Acceptance

The Terms of Acceptance will be signed in person at Registration. Please review this document prior to Race Week, here.

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006 - 2019 PPIHC Competitor Content Capturing Opportunities

Posted Online: January 16, 2019

Last Updated: January 16, 2019

(Subject to Change)


Mountain Video Package:

This is a great opportunity for you to combine our footage with your in-car camera shots to create a dynamic full-run video for your fans and sponsors. PPIHC/Windstar Studios will place multiple cameras (10) along the course on Race Day. These cameras will capture each competitor’s run as they pass different vantage points.

Camera angles are as follows*: (Launch Line, Start Line, Engineers Corner, Halfway Picnic Grounds, Glen Cove, Double Cut, Devils Playground, Bottomless Pit, Boulder Park, and Finish Line).

Video of your car/motorcycle is available for purchase through the PPIHC for the early bird price of $1,300. After June 1, the price will be $1,500.

There will be no transfer rates for those who have signed up for the footage and paid for the services.

The footage may be used for personal and promotional purposes only.

Sign-up Deadline: June 21, 2019

Sign-up Form: https://form.jotform.com/82206891672159

Example Mountain Video Package Footage

*Camera locations are subject to change.


Helicopter Footage:

Limited slots are available for those interested in obtaining helicopter footage of their run. For those who sign up and pay the $3,500 fee, PPIHC will provide general helicopter footage (scenic) from the 97th Running as well as capturing a specific competitor’s run. The footage will be captured in 4K high-resolution using the Shotover camera platform and recorded on a RED DRAGON®.

The HD footage transfer will be made on Race Day and downloaded periodically throughout the race. Once a specific competitor’s run is complete and the helicopter has landed, report to the Helicopter Tent (located on driver’s right just uphill of the Short Stop hamburger stand) at the Start Line Area. It is your responsibility to go to the tent to make this transfer if you want the footage on Race Day. There will be no HD transfer rates for those who have signed up for the helicopter footage and paid for the services. RED footage delivery may not be available on Race Day. An additional fee may be assessed for delivery of RED files.

The footage may be used for personal and promotional purposes only. For more information, please contact Megan Leatham (megan@ppihc.org).

Sign-up Deadline: June 21, 2019

Sign-up Form: https://form.jotform.com/82206263872154

Helicopter Footage Example


Photos/Still Photography:

Larry Chen is the Official PPIHC professional photographer. Larry and his team receive exclusive access to capture still photographs throughout the course. If you are interested in purchasing race photo services from Larry, please contact him directly at: Larry@larrychenphoto.com.


Live Stream:

Competitors have other live broadcast opportunities through the Live Stream. Matchsports Media Group handles all broadcast rights and “live” opportunities (helicopter footage streaming, live interviews, in-car, etc.). Please reach out to James Kalogiros directly at: james@matchsports.com.


Windstar Studios:

Windstar Studios, Inc. is the PPIHC’s official digital asset management company and works to collect and distribute all digital assets. Windstar currently has several terabytes of PPIHC historical footage and nearly a century of racing images. Windstar is also PPIHC’s preferred vendor of video/production services. If your team is interested in hiring a video/production team, please contact PPIHC for a direct introduction to the Windstar Team at (megan@ppihc.org).


Content Usage, Licensing and Rights:

The content provided may be used for personal and promotional purposes. Please contact PPIHC for a licensing agreement only if you plan to use content for commercial purposes (megan@ppihc.org). The PPIHC’s licensing and commercial rights policy can be found here.

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007 - 2019 Competitor/Crew Credential and Access Information

Posted Online: January 16, 2019

Last Updated: January 16, 2019

(Subject to Change)


Competitor Credential Information

  • Each registered Driver/Rider will receive one (1) Competitor credential.
  • Drivers/Riders also receive four (4) Crew credentials at no additional charge.
  • Additional Crew credentials may be purchased for $75/credential.
  • A $100 replacement fee is assessed for lost credentials.
  • All crew members must sign the RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY & ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT to receive a credential. (see below)
  • Competitors are responsible for their crew members. Competitors may be penalized for the action(s) of their crew members.

Electronic Waiver/Crew Credential Distribution

Crew credentials will be distributed through the Competitor (Driver/Rider). Here is how it works:

  1. Send your crew members the following link to sign the RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY & ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT electronically: https://www.smartwaiver.com/v/2019crew/.
  2. The deadline for submitting online crew waivers / credential requests is Friday, June 21, 2019 at 10:00am (Crew members who miss the deadline must appear in person at Registration during Race Week to receive their credential.)
  3. If crew members do not want to, or are unable to, sign up electronically, they may go to Registration during Race Week to sign the waiver in person.
  4. All minors shall be required to appear in person at Registration with their parent or legal guardian to sign the PARENTAL CONSENT, RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY, AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT. No minor crew members, or their parent/guardian, will be permitted to sign the online waiver.
  5. All Competitors are required to go to Registration before they proceed to Technical Inspection.
  • During Registration, Competitors (Drivers/Riders) will be issued Crew credentials to distribute directly to those crew members who signed the electronic waiver prior to the deadline.
  • The PPIHC Registration staff will give the Competitor the number of credentials matching the number of people who have signed up electronically to be on a crew. PPIHC will not distribute any credential to any person who has not signed the electronic waiver.
  • PPIHC will require payment directly from the Competitor for any additional credentials that the Competitor wants to pick up and distribute. Competitors are required to pay $75 for any crew member listed over the allotted 4 Crew credentials. Competitors will not be allowed to pick up credentials for those who have not signed the online waiver. All credentials must be paid for at the time of pick up.
  • Only Competitors will be allowed to obtain credentials for pre-registered crew members.
  • During Registration, Competitors will be asked to complete and sign the following statement: “I, ________________ picked up _____ (number of credentials) for my crew members and will distribute them to those who have signed the PPIHC waiver electronically. Distribution of any credential to anyone who has not signed the electronic waiver is subject to a $500 fine.”

Example: Competitor, Bob Smith has e-mailed his crew the electronic waiver information and 7 people signed up to be on his crew. At Registration, Bob will get his 4 free credentials and then will pay for the remaining 3 people. Once PPIHC has verified that 7 crew members are listed under Bob’s name and all signed the online waiver, Bob will be given 7 credentials to distribute and will then sign the statement that he has picked up the credentials.


Crew Credential Access during Race Week and Race Day

  • Crew Credentials will allow access through the Gateway for all PPIHC Practice Days and Race Day.
  • Crew Credentials will allow early access on Race Day, from 1:30am-2:30am. (NOTE: The Gateway opens to spectators at 2:30am. One lane uphill access only pre-race.)
  • Race Day ONLY: Crew credentials will NOT allow access above the Start Line area on Race Day (unless approved by PPIHC). Anyone wishing to view the race from above the Start Line must purchase a regular Race Day ticket as those traveling beyond the Start Line on Race Day are considered spectators.
  • Crew credentials will not guarantee access to the Motorcycle Hot Grid and/or Car Takeoff Point. Access cards will be needed for those locations (see below).

Motorcycle Hot Grid/Car Takeoff Point Access

  • In order to better control the “Takeoff Point” and “Motorcycle Hot Grid”, PPIHC will provide access cards for each competitor to distribute to 4 members of their team. The access cards will list the Competitor’s race number and Division. These cards will allow access into the Motorcycle Hot Grid (for motorcycle competitors) and Car Takeoff Point (for car competitors) when the Competitor is preparing to take the green flag. Once the Competitor has received the green flag and departed, those with access passes will be asked to leave this designated area.

Crew Credential Access on Pikes Peak - America's Mountain (Outside the hours of PPIHC-sanctioned activities)

  • Competitor and Crew credentials will not grant access to Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain during normal highway business hours during Race Week. The credentials will allow Competitors and Crew members though the Gateway for Practice Days and on Race Day at scheduled times only.
  • Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain will provide one (1) free pass - good for one (1) free admission for one (1) person that may be used during Race Week. This pass will be included in the Competitor’s registration packet which will be available at Registration during Race Week.
  • Additional Pikes Peak Passes may be purchased at the Gateway. For details visit https://parks.coloradosprings.gov/pikes-peak-americas-mountain/page/hours-and-rates.
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008 - 2019 Pit Space Management Bulletin

 Posted Online: January 16, 2019

Last Updated: January 16, 2019

(Subject to Change)

  Practice Days Pit Information:
  • During Practice days, the following locations will be designated as pit areas:
    • Bottom Section - PPIHC Pits (No pit parking on the shoulder unless Premier Pit Row space has been reserved.)
    • Middle Section - Glen Cove
    • Top Section - Devils Playground (No parking outside of the Devils Playground parking lot.)
  • Practice day pit requirements:
    • No motor homes allowed for competitors or crew members.
    • Motorcycle Competitors - Combined length of tow/support vehicle and trailer cannot exceed 30 feet (more details below).
    • Car Competitors - Maximum combined length of tow/support vehicle and trailer is 60 feet (more details below).
    • Each competitor who has purchased Premier Pit Row space (shoulder along the side of the road) at the Start Line has it reserved for Practice days as well as Race Day. It is crucial that no competitor park on pit row during Practice/Qualifying days unless you have purchased Premier Pit Row space.  Parking in the Bottom Section during Practice/Qualifying is restricted to the PPIHC pit area (unless Premier Pit Row space has been purchased).
  • Motorcycle-Specific:
    • Each entry will be limited to one (1) support vehicle during all Practice days. No additional vehicles will be allowed without prior approval.
  • The PPIHC pit area at the Start Line during Practice days will not be preassigned. The preassigned Start Line pit spaces/upgraded pit spaces/power pedestals discussed below are located inside the PPIHC pits, and are for Race Day only.
Race Day PPIHC Pit Information:
  • Pit Space Parameters and Assignments FOR RACE DAY ONLY:
    • Each competitor (who does not choose an upgrade) will receive at minimum, a 20’ (foot) X 12’ (foot) space for pit parking on Race Day. These spaces will be marked in the PPIHC Pit Area and at no time will any part of a competitor’s vehicle and/or pit setup be allowed outside of these space parameters.  All spaces will be preassigned.  PPIHC will not restrict what is inside of each pit space, but there is no leeway for extra space outside of these dimensions.  The PPIHC pit area has been fully paved and striped.
    • Gas Pump Area Parking:
      • PPIHC has arranged for an area to park and stage one tow vehicle and trailer outside of the pit area. Click here to view map. Once the competitor has unloaded and pitted in their assigned space, one support vehicle and one tow vehicle may be parked at the Competitor Trailer Parking area located one mile below the Start Line area.  Parking passes will be needed for this area and may be picked up by the competitor during Race Week at Registration.
      • After the conclusion of the event on Race Day, as the competitors descend from the Summit and spectators are released for a downhill exit, there will be NO uphill traffic. All traffic, at the conclusion of the race, will be two lanes downhill on the Pikes Peak Highway.  In an effort to allow teams and competitors to load and exit post-race, PPIHC has worked with the Forest Service, Colorado Springs Utilities, and Pikes Peak-America’s Mountain, to allow for one-time access on a back road from the Competitor Trailer Parking area to the pits (one-way, uphill traffic only).  Click here to view map.  This road is a bit narrow, so trailers towed on this back road are limited to 30 feet. This will allow crew members to get their trailer and support vehicle up to the pit area to load.  These loaded vehicles will then exit the pits and join downhill traffic on the Pikes Peak Highway.  Once the race is completed, under no circumstances, is the following allowed:
        • Uphill traffic on Pikes Peak Highway
        • Downhill traffic on the access road
      • Competitors also have the option (as long as impounds do not occur) of bypassing the PPIHC pits, on their descent from the Summit, and going directly to the Competitor Trailer Parking area to load. They may then exit down the Pikes Peak Highway.
      • There is a shuttle that will run from the Start Line area (driver’s left just downhill from the pits) to take crew members to the Gas Pump Area on Race Day only. From there, crew members have a short downhill walk to the Competitor Trailer Parking area. This shuttle will not run after the Competitors start their decent from the Summit and reach Glen Cove. Crews must plan accordingly.
Catamount Road Permit Parking
  • Each competitor will have the opportunity to purchase one parking pass for an additional car (no trailers) down Catamount Road (click here for map) for crew members. The cost for this is $25/car and is limited to one per competitor.  The cars will be parked in the order in which they arrive.  Catamount Road is a dirt road which extends north from the pits.  All passengers in these cars must be fully prepared to walk uphill to the pit area as the parking could extend north over a mile.
  • Vehicles in this area are also a good place to store extra supplies since it will be relatively close to the Pit Area.
Other Race Day Pit Amenities and Options:
  • Power:
    • A select few pit spaces have access to power. The power pedestal and all outlets will be available to the competitor who purchases the pedestal.  A picture of the plugs and outlets available on each pedestal can be found here.  The cost to reserve a pit space with power is $200.  The pedestals are locked. Competitors who have pre-purchased power will receive the key during Registration. The PPIHC is not responsible for a blown fuse due to power overload from competitor’s usage. PPIHC recommends that each competitor who purchases a power pedestal also bring backup power. Please note that no international adapters will be provided by PPIHC. These power pedestals are not equipped to charge electric vehicles.
  • For competitors who wish to upgrade the space of their Race Day pit area, there are two options available:
    • Reserve Pit Row Space
      • Pit Row space is the area along the shoulder of the Pikes Peak Highway near the Start Line. It is reserved for PPIHC sponsors and available for purchase to a limited number of competitors.  Each competitor who purchases Premier Pit Row space will have access to this space for Practice and their specific Qualifying day (in the Bottom Section) as well as for Race Day. To be added to the Wait List for Premier Pit Row Space, please contact alex@ppihc.org.
    • Upgrade to a larger pit area in the PPIHC Pits.
      • If competitors do not feel that the 20’ X 12’ space is sufficient, a select number of larger spaces are available for purchase. These spaces are 40’ X 12’, twice the length of the standard spaces.  The cost for an upgraded space is $500.
How to Purchase Catamount Road Passes, Power, or Updated/expanded space:
  • Power (for standard space (20’ X 12’) or upgraded space (40’ X 12’). Pedestals are limited and may be purchased on a first come, first served basis.  Access to power will only be guaranteed for Race Day.
    • Purchase power here
  • Upgraded/expanded space (40’ X 12’). Upgraded spaces are limited and purchased on a first come, first served basis. The upgraded space is only available for Race Day.
    • Upgrade your pit space here
  • Purchase a Catamount Road Parking Pass here ($25 each):
Additional Paddock Management and Protocol:
  • The PPIHC Pits and Pit Row spaces on Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain are now fully paved. To protect the asphalt and road surface in the pit area, the asphalt/road may not be punctured by anchors, stakes, jack stands, etc. If you or your team plan to use a pop-up tent or awning, these must be secured with weights, water buckets, etc. (Do not use N2 bottles). If your trailer will be disconnected from your support vehicle, some type of trailer tongue rest must be used to prevent damage to the asphalt.
  • Drip pans are required under all vehicles. All spills, leaks, liquids, etc., must be cleaned up quickly and properly. PPIHC staff will be monitoring the paddocks on a regular basis. Competitors will be charged for any paddock or facility damages.
 Next Steps:
  • PPIHC will pre-assign pit spaces and setup requirements. Any competitor who does not choose to upgrade, will automatically be assigned a 12’ (foot) X 20’ (foot) space and no further action is needed.
  • All competitors must setup their pits on Saturday, June 29, 2019 between 2:00pm-6:00pm. Saturday setup is mandatory.  Additionally, this will allow ample time for competitors to coordinate with those pitting next to them to share resources as needed.
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009 - 2019 Windshield Banner / Helmet Decal Bulletin

Posted Online: January 16, 2019

Last Updated: January 16, 2019


All competitors entered in the 2019 Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, brought to you by Gran Turismo, will be required to display a Gran Turismo banner/decal on their vehicle and/or person during all Race Week practice and qualifying sessions, and on Race Day.


The PPIHC will provide the banner/helmet decal to each competitor at Registration. Competitors/entries will be responsible for the application of each banner in the specified location before receiving an official Tech sticker and passing Tech Inspection.


Requirements for displaying the Gran Turismo banner/decal are as follows*:

Car Entries with a front window/windscreen

One Gran Turismo window banner

Car Entries without a front window/windscreen

One Gran Turismo helmet visor decal

Motorcycle Entries (helmets with windscreen visor)

One Gran Turismo helmet decal

Motorcycle Entries (helmet styles without windscreen visor)

Two Gran Turismo jawline helmet decals

Competitors/Entries that do not meet the parameters of these specifications

Dealt with on a case-by-case basis

  • No other decals/branding may be displayed on the windshield/windscreen or on the designated helmet visor or helmet area.
  • No modifications may be made to the Gran Turismo image/brand markings.
  • If the banner causes visual impairment, an alternative form of representation may be arranged with the PPIHC’s Race Director and their partners from Gran Turismo.
  • Failure to display the Gran Turismo banner/decal at all times will result in disqualification.
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