2020 Souvenir Race Program Now Available in Digital and Print Editions

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For the first time, the 2020 Souvenir Race Program for The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, brought to you by Gran Turismo will be available in the traditional magazine-style printed version as well as in digital format. Program highlights include driver profiles, past race champions, race history, photographs and sponsor information.

There are two ways to purchase it:

Print Edition

  • If you prefer the printed version of the Souvenir Race Program, fill out an order form HERE and we will mail one to you!

Digital Edition

  • Click HERE to visit our online bookcase complete with programs from 2020 and prior events available for purchase. These programs are available to view both on a browser and on your mobile device. This is a view-only purchase, not available for download.

Pikes Peak Hill Climb Hall of Famer Jeff Zwart Anticipates Success with Porsche 935 on August 30th

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Photo credit: Larry Chen

The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, brought to you by Gran Turismo, will welcome Hall of Famer, Jeff Zwart, back to America’s Mountain for the 98th running of the Race to the Clouds. Zwart, a Porsche aficionado, will showcase the Porsche 935 when he rockets to the Summit on August 30th.

With dual careers as a film director and professional racecar driver, Zwart’s unique skill sets are not typically found on the same resume. As a die-hard Porsche enthusiast and a graduate of the Art Center College of Design in California, Zwart established a successful career from his fascination with both art and fast cars. His passions came together while making commercials for top automotive brands like Porsche and Hyundai which introduced him to Pikes Peak.  Capturing cars on film quickly became a full time job for Zwart, but there was still something nagging at him, and that was the bug to race one of those fast cars on Pikes Peak.

Although a seasoned driver now, he looked up to previous racers early in his career, in particular Rod Millen with whom he is recognized in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb Museum Hall of Fame. With Zwart’s 17th appearance on Pikes Peak in August, he will become the first Hall of Famer to return to competition following his induction.

Zwart coaches CJ Wilson before a 2018 practice run

Zwart’s accomplishments on Pikes Peak are many. He has claimed eight class wins and set three division records. In 2015 he joined the “9-Minute Club” with a sub-10-minute time of 9:46.243 when he captured the Time Attack 1 record. He will take on ten competitors in the Time Attack 1 division this year.

Driving a Porsche feels like home, according to Zwart, “Having grown up in and around them, the familiarity and comfort of knowing exactly how they handle and drive works well with my driving style and is a huge benefit to racing, especially on Pikes Peak.”

Mobil Oil Winner’s Circle 1964. Parnelli Jones, Al Unser and Bobby Unser.

Many racers have a story behind their race number, and Zwart is no exception. In his Pro Rally days, he recalls he had tied for points in the National Championship but lost by one win. The following season, race numbers were assigned based on placings and he was given #2 since, technically, he placed second. He opted for #11 feeling there were really two #1’s the previous season. The number has followed him through his racing career. Interestingly, when asked about his favorite section of the course, 11 Mile claimed the top spot. Car #11 racing through 11 Mile will be impressive. This carbon fiber 2019 Porsche 935 will feature the classic Mobil One winged horse as a classic tribute to the long-standing relationship between the Pikes Peak race and Mobil Oil, going back to the 1940s.

Zwart’s success on Pikes Peak isn’t defined only by his impressive racing statistics or his visionary films such as Ken Block’s “Climbkhana” but includes his willingness to give back to the race he loves. Zwart has dedicated the past four racing seasons on America’s Mountain to coaching the Porsche Pikes Peak Trophy by Yokohama division for Porsche Motorsports. “I have really enjoyed sharing with the competitors my approach to racing the Hill Climb. Through that experience, I feel like even after 17 years of competing here, I know the road better than ever.”



Last American King of the Mountain David Donner

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COLORADO SPRINGS, CO — When The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, brought to you by Gran Turismo, welcomes a talented field of drivers to Colorado Springs on August 30th, one question will be on everyone’s mind, who will be crowned King of the Mountain. The coveted trophy for King of the Mountain is awarded to the competitor with the fastest time on Pikes Peak every year.

Known as America’s Mountain, Pikes Peak has played host to champions from around the world. In 2019, Robin Shute (Great Britain) claimed the coveted award. Romain Dumas (France) set a blazing fast course record in 2018 and is the fastest competitor ever to reach the summit. Dumas was no stranger to the top of the podium, receiving King of the Mountain honors on three previous attempts. Rhys Millen (New Zealand) accepted the honor in 2012 and 2015, while Sébastien Loeb (France), a rookie on Pikes Peak, set an overall course record on the newly paved course in 2013. One of the most notable King of Mountain streaks was from 2006 to 2011 when legendary racer, Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima (Japan) won every year, setting two course records in the process. In fact, an American hasn’t been crowned King of the Mountain since 2005 when David Donner took the crown in his Donner/Dykstra Special with a time of 11:15.680. Like many others David Donner has claimed the title multiple times – with his 2005 win and in 2002 with an even faster time of 10:52.30.

Donner hails from a racing family following in his father and older brothers’ tire tracks racing on Pikes Peak. A local to Colorado Springs, he did his town and family proud. His father Robert Donner Jr. raced in and won the Sports Car class in the 1950s and his older brother Bobby III won the Open Wheel class in 1989.

Racing Pikes Peak was an evolving goal for Donner. Having raced in events in Germany, England, and New Zealand, everybody talked about the Race to the Clouds. Pikes Peak was a family tradition that Donner couldn’t turn down. Of all his victories on the mountain, he felt his most notable accomplishment was winning on both the dirt and pavement surfaces. Donner competed in numerous cars and with his promising results was able to showcase his ability to build successful racecars.

There have been 97 previous runnings of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, yet only 41 people can claim they were King of the Mountain, or Queen, in the case of Michèle Mouton (France) in 1985. Of that group, 26 wins have been claimed by a member of the Unser family, including ten by Bobby Unser who holds the most King of the Mountain titles.

Recalling his history of records, wins and achievements, Donner isn’t certain he would return to racing on America’s Mountain, stating, “I’m content with the name I’ve made for myself on the mountain,” adding, “It would have to be the right opportunity. I don’t feel the need to race again just for the sake of racing. Running the Hill Climb is a huge commitment and takes months of preparation. I would love to see more young competitors get involved with Pikes Peak to keep the tradition alive.”



Lisa Haight

Event Coordinator & Historian

The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

(719) 685-4400



A Tribute to Carlin Dunne – King of the Mountain

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Perhaps the finest motorcycle racer ever to perform on Pikes Peak, Dunne became the first racer to break the motorcycle ten-minute mark in 2012 with his winning time of 9:52.819 aboard a Ducati Multistrada. The next year, he beat every motorcycle to become King of the Mountain on an electric motorcycle. He won four titles overall before a tragic crash near the summit of Pikes Peak last summer claimed his life and cut short one of the most amazing careers in the history of the race.

“To me adrenaline is both friend and foe, it can heighten your senses but it can also cause you to lose your cool. Racing up Pikes Peak requires a sound mind and the nerve to push the envelope at the grandest race course on earth.” 

Carlin Dunne, 2/25/2019

“Son, brother, teammate, friend. Fearless competitor and devoted mentor. Carlin played endless roles, always leading with the same unmistakable charisma, unwavering calm, and signature twinkle in his eye. Whether racing on blacktop or in Baja, he led with the same fiercely competitive spirit, loving heart, and unwavering dedication. Destined for a life on two wheels, Carlin developed a lifelong obsession with perfecting his craft. Instilled with dreams of becoming a racer, filmmaker, and stuntman, he remained humble and gracious as his career took a meteoric trajectory.

While his list of achievements on two wheels stretches for miles, arguably Carlin’s greatest accomplishment during his short time on earth was the positive impact that he had on the lives of everyone he came across. His passion for racing was truly connected to his passion and care for family and friends. Carlin lived every moment to the absolute max. He was kind, genuine, and so full of life. 

Renowned for taking fellow riders under his wing, mentorship came second nature to Carlin. Whether showing youngsters the ropes or simply embodying a life lived at full throttle, he had an unmistakable knack for bringing outsiders into the fold, exemplifying love, kindness, and camaraderie along the way.”

The Carlin Dunne Foundation

“Carlin loved the mountain. She challenged and enticed him, calling him back again and again. He gave her due respect. He was fully aware of her ability to take.”   

Romie Gallardo, Carlin’s mother


“Mate, I know you’re looking down on us, and I hope wherever you’re going, you have a great racetrack, and a movie that needs some stunt riders, and you’re having a good time.”

Rennie Scaysbrook, friend and competitor 



“Carlin came to the Pikes Peak Hill Climb with our team for the first time in 2008. We asked him along as Ducati motorcycles were quite new to us and he had experience with them. That year he didn’t race, but it was clear that he was eyeing the course in the quiet, careful way that was his hallmark. Over the next decade we grew to know and love Carlin, and to marvel at the skill he brought to competing at Pikes Peak.

We are proud to be his team, and to be a part of the records he set here.”

Paul and Becca Livingston, Spider Grips


“If you didn’t know him, he was a fierce competitor and a really kindhearted person.” 

Chris Fillmore, friend and competitor


“Carlin is somebody I always looked up to. He showed up and hauled (butt). He did unbelievable things. He was like Superman to me. That’s who he will always be to me.”

Codie Vahsholtz, Ducati Teammate 




“At 36 years old, Carlin had set off on his own road racing career, been a professional downhill mountain biker, tackled Baja, ridden motocross, trials and claimed several Pikes Peak International Hill Climb titles. He was seasoned, confusingly multifaceted, and had an impressive natural drive that was evidenced in his skill across all disciplines.

He appeared to be unwavering in focus; he displayed a meticulousness in his craft that is only seen in the greats. All of that was reflected in his riding. It was elegant, controlled, and mystifyingly smooth; surely a byproduct of his contemplative nature.”

Nic de Sena, UltimateMotorcycling.com

Carlin Dunne

Best of 2019 Awards


“The loss of Carlin Dunne to the motorcycling community was absolutely devastating. Dunne’s skill was only overshadowed by his humble character, which went a long way towards masking the fact he could haul ass on anything with two wheels, regardless if it had an engine or not. The undisputed King of the Mountain, Dunne made the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb look easy, so much so that he stepped away from competition for a few years to help guide new competitors to the mountain and show them the way. That’s why his death, at the hands of the very same mountain top, is so hard to bear. He was so close to tasting victory and setting an astonishing lap record. Instead, he left us far too soon. I’d be lying if I said I was friends with Carlin Dunne, but I raced Pikes Peak the same year he took the crown on the electric motorcycle and was awed by his speed. I again shared the racetrack with him this year, as he was testing Ducati’s new Streetfighter, and again was floored by his speed and his easy-going nature. He was simply someone you wanted to be around, regardless of how you felt about motorcycles.

To say I had a massive amount of respect for him would be an understatement. It seemed all but a certainty that he would win again this year. When it didn’t happen, the collective motorcycling community took a second to reflect on the worst aspect of our sport. It hurt, and it was gut-wrenching, but he would, undoubtedly, want us all to keep pushing. It speaks volumes about a person when people they’ve never met feel a deep loss when they pass. Carlin Dunne was that kind of person. He will forever be missed, but will never be forgotten, and Motorcycle.com would like to further cement his legacy by awarding him the 2019 Motorcycle.com Motorcyclist of the Year.”

Troy Siahaan, Motorcycle.com


Pikes Peak International Hill Climb to be Conducted Without Spectators on August 30

June 18, 2020 |by PPIHC | 0 Comments | Competitor, Spectator

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO – Since March 19 when the announcement came that the 98th running of The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, brought to you by Gran Turismo, would be postponed until August 30, race fans everywhere have been eager to learn if they would be allowed to attend the world-famous hill climb in person. With input and advisement from state and local agencies the decision to conduct the race without spectators was announced today by the Board of Directors.

The race will take place as currently scheduled, but the atmosphere and energy will feel very different. “For the first time, the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb will be staged without its loyal, enthusiastic fans lining the course and no one is more disappointed than we are,” shared Megan Leatham, Executive Director. “Our staff and board of directors have discussed and analyzed multiple scenarios in which our race could be staged. However, with the government-issued long-term mandates for wearing personal protective equipment, providing appropriate social distancing, and limiting the size of group gatherings, we feel it is impossible to safely host spectators at the race on August 30.”

All Camping Permits, Practice and Race Day Ticket purchases will automatically be refunded in full.

The popular downtown street festival, Fan Fest, a kick-off event slated for Friday, August 28 has been canceled. Leatham added, “For many, this is one of the highlights of the summer. It’s always exciting and packed with people. We typically welcome over 30,000 fans but in light of current government guidelines we feel it would be irresponsible to hold the event this year. The risk to our competitors, sponsors, volunteers and our fans is just too high.”

Board Chairman, Tom Osborne, stated, “As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the way we all do business, we are finding ways to adapt to the new normal and will continue to monitor the federal, state and local regulations on large crowds. Despite this unforeseen challenge, our iconic motorsports event has proven its ability to adapt and endure, and it will continue to do so this summer, next year, and in preparation for the 100th Running in 2022.”

Leatham concluded, “We want to thank our amazing fans for their continued support and understanding and we really look forward to welcoming them back to the mountain in 2021.”

Watch the Video Press Release HERE

For race fans around the globe, there are several ways to follow the action:



Lisa Haight, Event Coordinator & Historian

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

(719) 685-4400



Goeglein to Mark 30 Years Racing on Pikes Peak

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Colorado Springs, CO – Never underestimate the influence of a teacher. Steve Goeglein of Falcon, Colorado credits his junior high shop teacher with introducing him to auto racing on Pikes Peak. Goeglein will make his 30th appearance on August 30 in The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, brought to you by Gran Turismo.

“My teacher, Mr. DesRochers was Bud Hoffpauir’s roommate,” Goeglein recalls, “Bud raced a Jeep in the early ‘70s. I was in the pits with them, just hanging out. That’s when I said, I want to do this!”

Experienced in 3-wheeler and quad racing, Goeglein didn’t move on to racing cars until he was 33 years old. Despite only four Colorado Hill Climb Association races before making his rookie attempt on Pikes Peak in 1991, he garnered Rookie of the Year honors. With advice from fellow competitor, Gay Smith, on how to memorize the road and support from the legendary Leonard Vahsholtz on set up, Goeglein was hooked on racing on Pikes Peak and hasn’t missed a year since.

Although a division win has eluded Goeglein, he completed the race an impressive 26 times with nine podium finishes. His fastest time was recorded in 2014, a noteworthy 10:30.704.

Goeglein credits three things for his long racing career – his crew, Chevrolet race cars and the many friends he’s made on Pikes Peak.

“I bought my first Pikes Peak car, a Chevy Monte Carlo, from Mark Weller and Rob Moberly. Mark headed up my crew that first year and he’s stayed with me 30 years,” said Goeglein. “Danny Wells was my neighbor and would stand in the driveway watching us work on the car. We invited him to help out and he’s been with me ever since, for 29 years. I couldn’t do it without them.”

Asked why he has chosen Chevrolet every year, Goeglein explained, “After I wrecked that Monte Carlo in 1992, I’ve run a Camaro ever since. It’s Chevy’s performance car. We’ve made modifications to take it from a dirt course set up to a racecar suitable for the asphalt surface.”

As Goeglein anticipates the 98th running of the Race to the Clouds in August, he looks forward to the challenge of the mountain and everything it takes to get ready for the race, from shop time to practice sessions. “To compete against the world is just fun. I thoroughly enjoy it. I’d rather compete at Pikes Peak once than any other race.”



Lisa Haight

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

(719) 685-4400



Vote PPIHC as Top Motorsports Race

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USA Today has Nominated The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, brought to you by Gran Turismo as one of the the Top 19 Motorsports Races, now it is our turn to bring it to #1! Make sure to vote twice a day from a browser and your mobile device.


From F1 and NASCAR to IndyCar and IMSA sports car racing, motorsports offer high octane thrills in spades, as drivers push themselves and their vehicles to the limits. High speeds, tight corners and cars just inches apart trying to overtake the competition combine to create a nail-biting experience where high-speed crashes aren’t uncommon. Vote for your favorite motorsports race in North America once per day until voting ends on Monday, July 6 at noon ET. The winning events as determined by your vote will be announced on 10Best.com on July 17. Read the official Readers’ Choice rules here.


98 Days Until The 98th Running

May 24, 2020 |by PPIHC | 0 Comments | Competitor, Spectator

In just 98 days, on August 30th, drivers from around the world will take the Green Flag in the 98th Running of The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, brought to you by Gran Turismo!

Check out our video highlighting racers who have worn #98, including Paul Dallenbach who will be racing in his 26th Race to the Clouds this year.


Make sure to follow the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on all socials and download the Official PPIHC App to receive important race updates.


Milestone Matchup – Audi Quattro Crowned Champion

May 20, 2020 |by PPIHC | 0 Comments | Competitor, Spectator

Over the past month, our fans have been voting across Instagram and Twitter to crown the “King of the Milestones”. There were many close match-ups and a large number of upsets.

In a surprising matchup, the championship round put seed 6 Audi Quattro against the 8 seeded Snowy 1960 event. With 72% of the final votes, Audi Quattro pulled out the win.

Congrats to Audi and the four rally competitors who won on Pikes Peak in an Audi Quattro: John Buffam (1982,1983), Michèle Mouton (1984-1985), Bobby Unser (1986), Walter Röhrl (1987).

Thank you to everyone who weighed in!

Check out more Audis on the Peak HERE


Sitting at home? Looking for some racing action? Check out our 90-minute documentary

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Sitting at home?

Looking for some racing action?

Check out our 90-minute documentary

Race to the Clouds

100 Years In The Making

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“Race to the Clouds” features amazing historic footage and interviews with past Champions Bobby, Al, Al Jr., and Robby Unser,John Wells, David Donner, Greg Tracy, Paul Dallenbach, and many more. From the first race, an upset victory by Rea Lentz while driving a homemade car, to Sebastien Loeb’s record smashing run in 2013, “Race to the Clouds ™ 100 Years in the Making” is a 90-minute documentary film capturing the history of America’s second oldest auto race, the Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The greatest challenge in motorsports for both man and machine, founded in 1916 by entrepreneur and philanthropist Spencer Penrose, has grown into an international event attracting the best drivers and riders from around the world.

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