Paul Gerrard


Age: 59

Competitor Info:

Competitor Hometown
Boulder, CO
Car Make and Model
2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
Years Competed
6th year

Car Info:

Year: 2003

Make: Mitsubishi

Model: Lancer Evolution

Drive Train: All Wheel Drive

Base: 104"

Weight: 2800 lbs

Engine Make: Mitsubishi

Engine Info: 2.4L Turbo

Fuel Types: E85

Frame: Stock

Additional info: Overhead Cam

Pikes Peak


  • 2024 is Paul’s 6th year racing Pikes Peak
  • Best & Rookie Time: 2017 – 10:19.312
  • Best Finish: 2019 – 1st of Sierra Alpha’s
  • Fast 15 Qualifier: 2022

Paul completed an episode on PPIHC’s YouTube series “Mastering the Mountain” where he takes viewers through one of his best Pikes Peak runs.  Check it out on YouTube!