SMART Program Overview

The SMART Program: Special Mentor Assisted Race Training Program

The SMART Program will serve as an exceptional safety resource for PPIHC rookie competitors.

It’s a well-known axiom in sports and in life: Practice makes perfect. Actually, it should be “perfect practice makes perfect,” since the right preparation is key to both top-level performance and safety.

This is especially true when it comes to the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb which is widely acknowledged as one of the most challenging road racing competitions in the world. You really do want to be perfect here.

The SMART Program will include safety resources and instruction for rookie competitors. Longtime auto-racing and Pikes Peak experts, Fred Veitch and Jeff Zwart, will serve as the auto coaches, while Paul Livingston returns as the program mentor.

“From my experience at Pikes Peak,” says Veitch, “racers must understand this venture demands just as much mental preparation as physical.  With its excellent mentors and resources, the SMART Program ensures rookies are well prepared both mentally and physically to face the many challenges of Pikes Peak.”

Please refer to the “Resources” tab to learn more about the SMART Program and review the various resources provided.

SMART Program Team:

Paul & Becca Livingston, Program Team Managers: The Livingstons have fielded teams at Pikes Peak since 2006, including Team Spider Grips Ducati’s 2012 record-setting runs under 10 minutes. Founders of Falkner Livingston Racing, they are veterans of numerous Bonneville and Baja race campaigns. They have been team managers for the PPIHC Race SMART since 2016.

Fred Veitch, Auto Coach: Fred started racing in the mid 70’s, and has held or currently holds IMSA, SCCA, PCA, POC and NASA competition licenses. He is on the Board of Directors for the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, and is a member of the Competition, Driver Selection and Appeals committees, Veitch has competed five times in the Time Attack classes. In 2014, he won the Time Attack 2 class and set a class record. Veitch is still actively racing Porsches.

Jeff Zwart, Auto Coach: Zwart started road racing Formula Fords during the mid-1980s on the West Coast of the United States which led to an interest in rallying. In 1989 and 1990 he drove a Mazda in the US Pro Rally Championship, eventually winning the Open Class National Championship. Zwart also competed in the New Zealand round of the World Rally Championship driving a Mitsubishi EVO in 1993.

Zwart is noted for his wins at Pikes Peak. In 1994, he entered the event with a Porsche and won the Open Class Championship. This success led to a number of programs; driving 10 different Porsches resulting in 8 different class championships over a period of 14 years, including his 2015 win in the Time Attack Class. In 2018, Jeff was inducted to the Pikes Peak Hill Climb Hall of Fame.

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