Historical Association

The Pikes Peak Hill Climb Historical Association, sometimes referred to as the “Over the Hill Gang” was tasked with preserving the history of the Race to the Clouds in 1989.


This group of current and former competitors, race officials, crew members, staff members, board members, photographers and race enthusiasts meets monthly to share lunch, swap stories, identify photos and discuss preservation projects.  Anyone with a passion for motorsports is invited to join.


Meetings are held at noon on the second Monday of each month.


Whether your interest is the first race car to win at Pikes Peak, stock cars from the 1950s, rally cars from the 1980s, all things motorcycle, or the newest electric car racing technology, we’ve got you covered.  There is always a project to work on.  We have a vast collection of photos we have worked hard to identify, and we are currently transferring to a digital archive.  There are also a number of race vehicles to research and restore.


It is always exciting when we receive inquiries from fans or family members asking for help to identify a car or driver photo.  Our archive is constantly expanding and we welcome inquiries.


Likewise, we welcome your photo and memorabilia donations.  We’ve received boxes of slides, old scrapbooks, trophies, driving suits, signed finish line flags, vintage pins and much more.


For more information about the Pikes Peak Hill Climb Historical Association, or for dates and meeting locations, contact Lisa Haight at lisa@ppihc.org or (719) 685-4400.


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